Meet Our Pastor

My name is Terrell E. Scott and I am the lead Pastor at Passion Life Church. I have a beautiful wife, Brandy, and four precious children.  I love sports and spending time with my family. When I was growing up in McDonough, GA, we spent a lot of time at games on Saturdays and family gatherings on Sundays. During my High School years I was in love with football and wrestling! Eventually, I was injured on the football field and began to put all my focus and time into wrestling. My relationship with God was a simple prayer for us to win and not get hurt.  Also, if I was ever in trouble I would pray to get out.  During those years I started selling drugs during the off season to make extra money.  Many situations happened during those times and I would always stop and refocus on sports.  As things progressed I would always return to selling and eventually started using drugs at the end of my senior year.  My addiction progressed very rapidly from this point.  I was injured and had to have shoulder surgery prior to going to college and wrestling.  During those first years of college I lived a dual life - “street life” (trafficking many types of drugs, violence and so forth), and the life of a normal college kid. To make a long story short, I was busted on a trafficking charge and lost my full scholarship. I was sentenced to fifteen years in prison and was given an enormous fine.  While in prison I became very angry and bitter.  However, I could not process in my own mind that I was hurting inside. Therefore, I moved much deeper into my addiction and my commitment to a street/gangster’s life style. During this time I was running a gang and bringing drugs into the prison.  I was extremely committed to the gang, street lifestyle, and finding ways to defraud and break every rule in the system.  I was moved from prison to prison, finally being stabbed and put under heavy investigation by internal affairs. I wish I could say at any of these points I was ready to repent, but actually I became colder and angrier. Sitting in an isolation cell by myself, I began to question life and the decisions I had made, and I began to think a few silent prayers. I prayed for God to send someone with whom I could walk the remainder of my prison sentence out. Shortly afterward, a woman I was friends with in high school started to write. She was a person I partied with. At one point, I arranged for two men to rob her for drugs.  Some time later she was saved and committed her life to Jesus Christ!  She was living in forgiveness and expressed that same forgiveness to me. Little did I know this would be my future wife and best friend.  Brandy is a Godly woman who is committed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I was released after five years in prison, totally repentant and committed to Jesus. We married and both felt the call to full time ministry.  We have had the opportunity to serve in different ministry position, enjoying helping broken people and giving back to people who have been in our same situations.  We felt the call back to our hometown to start Passion Life Church. The beauty of the call is we can bring Christ to an area where we both lived in sin and brokenness.  Personally, I sold drugs in the community where God has now called me to bring love, life, forgiveness, and purpose!  We, as a family, are committed to our community to be representatives of Christ to a broken and lost generation!  I was one of the lost and broken and God has brought me out of darkness to walk in purpose and help call others out of darkness into Gods glorious light!  We have an amazing ministry and life together!  I could never have dreamed that my life would be so awesome and sweet!


God Bless,

Terrell Scott

 Isaiah 61:1,

"The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is upon me, for the LORD has anointed me to bring good news to the poor. He has sent me to comfort the brokenhearted and to proclaim that captives will be released and prisoners will be freed."