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Our Pastors

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Terrell Scott, Senior Pastor

Brandy Scott, Co Pastor

Terrell Scott is an example of a life radically transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Like so
many bright young men, Terrell was led down a dark path drawn by the allure of the gang and
drug life. He was a gifted athlete from a fairly well-off family. He was popular in school and
excelled at football and wrestling. Receiving a full scholarship to Wrestle in College! However
his ambition to “always be the best” made him prone to the gang life. Tempted by money and
power, he ended up receiving a 20 year prison sentence. Going from a college campus to the
school of hard knocks! Terrell was still running a gang and dealing drugs while in prison. He
spent time in several correctional facilities throughout Georgia.
Then a miracle happened. One of his victims whose life he had harmed and he used to party
with, Brandy, came into the prison. She shared with Terrell that she had forgiven him, and she
then shared the gospel with him. That she had turned her life around through faith, overcoming
addiction and forgiveness. Forgiveness here was the key! He was moved and genuinely
surrendered his life to Jesus. He immersed himself in the Bible and was radically transformed
by “the renewing of his mind” (Romans 12:2). Terrell turned a new page, even sharing his new
found faith with fellow inmates, and was released for good behavior after only serving five years
of this sentence.
Today, Terrell is a loving husband to Brandy (the friend he had robbed at gunpoint) and father to
five beautiful children. Also he is the Pastor of Passion-Life Church and Executive Director of
The River Refuge International, Inc. and The Malachi Project. Terrell’s passion is truly for
fathering the next generation. He also carries a deep burden for intercessory prayer, giving of
his life in his spare time to helping others. He is a man anointed by God to operate and launch
ministries with order and structure!
Now serving and working in the community he once sold drugs. Founding of Passion Life
Church in 2013! In 2016, he started The River Refuge, the outreach and evangelism arm of his
church. Now he brings the Gospel of Jesus to this community. He shares forgiveness, grace
and mercy. He shares his testimony that if God can change a man like him, he can change you
and your circumstances if you confess, repent and turn your life over to Him. Both Terrell and
Brandy are committed to bring practical education and spiritual guidance to both adults and
children and help them rise above their circumstances through the Gospel. They are involved in
several projects to help the community such as The Malachi Project after school program,
Christmas in the City, Back 2 School, Homeless Care Kits, Thanksgiving meals, etc.
Testimony and ministry has been featured on CBN 700 Club, Fox 5 Atlanta, 93.3 JOYFM, News
Nation, Chicagos morning Answer, NTD New York and written about in the Epoch Times and
Atlanta Journal Constitution. Also a number of local channels and news outlets!!

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